ASH! {CKY!HELLiON} (ashleys_mask) wrote in thetwocoreys,

Tonight's episode

"He's bailed on his career. He's bailed on relationships."

Tonights episode made me almost start bawling my eyes out. It was so sad and I just wanted to hug Haim. It just feels as though there's more behind the way he's acting and feeling. It struck a cord with me because some of it seemed so familiar to me. I just hope he's doing great now and staying strong. And Feldman.... I don't even want to get started on all that stuff. It seems as though he likes to hide what he's feeling more than saying it. It seems like when Haim and Feldman aren't in the same room with the therapist that Feldman might realize just how Haim felt. Seriously that therapist just... there's something about her that's off. She's unlike any of the counselors I've met. I don't know, what'd you guys think about tonight's show?

p.s. Nelle is an angel and she's so amazing. I really feel for her.
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