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Episode 5

This episode made me chuckle out loud a few times. Again I was glad to see they have finally put Susie in her place and focused more on the boys. It was sad to see that Haim has taken such a long time to find a decent girl to fall for. Of course back in the day he could have had that regular non-acting gal…I know any one of us would have gladly treated him right and been his better half!

His speed dating debacle…how funny was it that he thought that was so bad. I think it could have been a good way to just get back out there. Of course if your heart is with someone else, as we see the case is, then nothing he did was going to work. As for the internet, I have to think that in this day and age, it’s the thing to do. I did feel bad for his Frisbee date Danica, they looked like they were having fun.

Jo seems like a cute girl and he did seem enamored with her and how she made him feel. I say lucky gal and if she makes him that happy, I am happy for him. Now for my aside, when Haim was on Larry King Live he said he was single. As this episode was filmed before Larry King, what do we speculate happened? Distance get in the way of love again? I hope he just didn’t let the girl go especially if she made him so happy.

Anyone else chuckle when Feldman told Haim he was Corey effing Haim and should be able to get laid? All I could think was “so true.” And I see that after 4 years of marriage, the Feldman’s are like any other couple when it comes to sex! I had to snicker when Susie said she was tired and Corey said maybe they’d have sex the next night! It sounded like a page right out of my own life!!

Finally…does anyone know if the Feldman’s will bring their son into the picture? If this supposed to be almost real time, then where is there child? Or did I miss where they may have said they didn’t want to bring their son into it?

And finally, is it just me or do the episodes seems to be over just when you are getting into them? I feel like they are trying to make sure each episode has a beginning, middle and end and that’s fine, but I feel like just when I get comfortable, it’s over! Anyone else feel this way?

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