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Episodes 3 and 4

Well, I have to say things were much better in regards to Susie, mostly that she didnt annoy me as much as she did the first two episodes. I have to wonder if they did this specifically so we would all hate her and then end up liking her. *shrugs*

I thought they would spend more time on Corey's heart condition...I thought the previews made it seem like a big deal (it is) and then it was over before it started. Will this continue to be an issue? Or was this just something they threw in there because he does have to give his heart some thought after they way he has treated his whole body for so long?

All in all I enjoyed both episodes and find myself laughing at the way everyone interacts with each other. Haim gives me hope that he can make a come back because he is a great actor and great at the one liners!

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yah for once I didnt want to choke her. She was probably on good behavior because it was his birthday.

That heart thing though really kinda scares me... I mean you know how much he put himself through with the drugs and everything but this really put it in perspective.