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Tonight's episode

"He's bailed on his career. He's bailed on relationships."

Tonights episode made me almost start bawling my eyes out. It was so sad and I just wanted to hug Haim. It just feels as though there's more behind the way he's acting and feeling. It struck a cord with me because some of it seemed so familiar to me. I just hope he's doing great now and staying strong. And Feldman.... I don't even want to get started on all that stuff. It seems as though he likes to hide what he's feeling more than saying it. It seems like when Haim and Feldman aren't in the same room with the therapist that Feldman might realize just how Haim felt. Seriously that therapist just... there's something about her that's off. She's unlike any of the counselors I've met. I don't know, what'd you guys think about tonight's show?

p.s. Nelle is an angel and she's so amazing. I really feel for her.
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I haven't watched it yet but now I'm more anxious too!! Got it on my DVR so I'll watch it tomorrow.
he's already bailed on life. jeebus. how can he not see that they're trying to help him. i mean...nelle just came into his life and already she sees it. she's going to pick up the pills that "help him to live" as he says. i just wish that he would listen to her.

on another note...with no mean to offend, but i think she would make a great fag hag. ~_O

and i can't believe feldman got liposuction. jeez dude just go to the effing gym and get your ass together! just because you can afford it, doesn't mean you should do it! OH and...the tales from the crypt episode that feldman was in was on last night on sci-fi. it's called bordello of blood or something like that. totally cheezy!
Yes this episode made me upset, and worried me...

Nelle is awesome...I hope she sticks around...I hope Haim will get a clue from her and open his eyes. You think he could realize something if he has seen any of these episodes that have been aired??

Haim seemed kind of creepy a little last night...when he was in the bathroom and his mom walked by and he started playing with the lights...

And Feldman's liposuction...jeez...fat where? Go to the gym!!
He was a little creepy. And when he said, "You're to blame." It was off... I hope he's staying strong.

And Feldman! God, Susie seemed to be encouraging it also, like pointing out what spots he needed to get done. I think a lot of people dislike her and I agree with anyone who does.
I feel like Susie should not be putting herself in between Haim and Feldmans friendship problems....everytime she opens her mouth she makes it 100 times worse..

If she was decent she'd leave herself out of it completly because their friendship has nothing to do with her, but we all know she's not....
I have to give Haim some credit though.....he puts a lot of his feelings (whether good or bad) into his art work.

I still really think that since his therapist isn't the greatest, he could do art therapy sessions too with an art least it maybe it could help him more with getting his negative energy/feelings out....
He's art is beautiful and a great way to get his feelings out. That's what the therapist always tells me to do because I like art.

Susie just doesn't seem to want Feldman and Haim to be friend.
Very off topic (sort of), but where'd you get your icon? It's hard to find some of Corey without Feldman in them!
That's ok. I happened across it by the luck of God. Lol
I really don't know how I came across it, but if you happen to take it and use it, please credit tridugrey because they made it.
Lol, thanks! I probably wont use it, just wanted to know in case there were others laying around but thank you!!!