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Two weeks recap

Last week they hit the nail on the head...Haim is very hungry for love, but the right kind of love. And the doctor was correct in saying he purposely picked the wrong people to love. I'm still at a lost about his family...he has a sister and a mother. We saw mom last season...but maybe she keeps away from him because of his addiction? Or do they think that he needs to not make a comeback? Afraid that maybe he will relapse?

I think Nelle is a big help to him, but she can't be the only one. And I don't think he can rely on the Feldmans for as much as he needs. But when he does find a good one, he needs to open up and be honest. I think the girl he found last season (her name slips me, sorry) seemed real and caring. I think Haim wants a high maintenance, famous partner but at the same time wants a real, down to earth partner. Of course he really can't have either until HE loves HIMSELF!

Feldman and Susie...what a snore fest. Feldman sure wants to make sure Susie knows he loves her...makes me think that in the beginning of their relationship she whined a lot about this. Anyone that saw him on Surreal Life...wasn't she a nutbag everytime she called?

Ok, first of all, how fake was everything at the Playboy Mansion? It was like, "oh a day at the mansion, catch up with Hugh." And then say that they've talked about it but nothing definite and suddenly they're scheduling a test shoot and shooting? Huh? What? I guess since Susie doesn't have any other talents, she decided why not Playboy? If you've watched The Girls Next Door, you don't need much of an IQ. Trust me, I have nothing against Playboy playmates, hell if I looked that good and they wanted to throw $$ my way, I'd contemplate it too. But I think the way they set this up with the Feldmans was all scripted and fake.

Haim and his Dad...I LOVED this. It was so nice to see him with someone that truly loved him and wants good things for him, with no strings. And where he doesn't feel threatened, which I think he does with Feldman. I think Feldman wimped out on the talking to the kids and that his perspective could have been good, if he does believe kids should not be in the biz. I wondered if Haim's time there was longer then they showed. Either way, I think it is something he should think about doing on a regular basis!

Thoughts? Feelings?
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