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Everyone deserves a second chance

I wholeheartedly agree! My thoughts about last night's

I really am enjoying their time in therapy. I feel you can really get insight into the people they have become, together and separately. From the previews though, it seems Haim will take a turn for the worse, sadly.

I think Nelle is a good thing for Haim, as we can see he truly has no one in Hollywood. I thought him apologizing to everyone was on the right track, but I think the add in the Variety just came out wrong. It really did sound like he was looking for work. Was it not run by him? I would have thought something along the lines of "I'm back and I'm sorry to all I may have hurt in years past" would have been much better. I also see that a big part of his problem is taking EVERYTHING personally. They tell you, you have to have a thick skin for Hollywood...he does not. If he knows he is a good actor and is ready to work, honestly, eff the critics, haters, etc.

Feldman's assistant creepy. First he is so trying to look like Feldman and some of the things he did and said...he would not have lasted a day with me. He is too fangirl, but maybe he will get better. I hope so.

Competition...Haim was full of it when he said he does not compete with Feldman. It's so obvious he wants what Feldman has. I don't get the impression that Feldman is trying to out-do or show Haim up. I think this is what Haim thinks. When Feldman asked about the Lost Boys 2 movie...he wasn't telling Haim what to do, imo. Haim overreacted to it's work, go and do it and shut up about it.
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