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Season 2 - Thoughts?

Anyone watch? Thoughts? Criticisms? Will you continue watching?

Seems like they tried to change the feeling of the show from last season, maybe trying to make it edgier because of their fight? I felt it worked. Or maybe it worked cause there was a LOT LESS Susie. Hee.

I sort of feel like Haim needs to see how he reacts to anything Feldman says in order to grow. The idea of them going to couples therapy was in my opinion, a good thing. I really feel that Haim has more to work through than Feldman and he needs to admit that. Obvious being molested as a teen is something he has not even begun to work out. While I understand his need for Feldman to have his back, I don't think this demon fall soley on Feldman. Haim does need to take responsibility and open up about what happen and hopefully move on from it. As far as Feldman still being friends with both men that took advantage of teens...more power to him.

Haim is so lonely and yet I can see why no one would give him a chance. He is rash, rude and bad-tempered. He's that friend that never changed and grew and you have, so you no longer hang. You just say hi once in a while and go on your way.

Feldman's telling his buds about therapy...not very classy. It seemed like he wanted them to laugh at Haim for suggesting it. I didn't feel like he was serious about it at all, though he seems like he is in the sessions. Even when he isn't saying much.

Overall, I enjoyed it and will continue to watch.

Your thoughts?
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